SA Curve Templates

During the ASG Annual Conference in Houston (August 16-20), Plano ASG will be selling SA Curve Pocket templates and Cuff & Collar templates.

The Pocket template is used for making repeated exact sewing details by molding fabric around its shapes or tracing the shapes. It is approximately 9 inches by 9 inches and made of a thin but sturdy aluminum.

The top shape is a western pocket shape, the two sides have 4 different curves that match the Clover Pocket Curve template and the bottom shapes are a larger curve for cuffs or shirt tails and a 90 degree angle for pockets or cuffs.

The large spread out design enables you to comfortably manipulate your fabric around its edges. Secure the fabric with all metal paperclips or similar to protect your fingers from the heat of the iron.

If you purchased the Pocket template, download the instructions here.


The Cuff & Collar Template is an aluminum template with 3 of the most common collar shapes, a shirt tail and a cuff shape.

Some of its wonderful features are: composed of aluminum, geometrically exact, uses the most common collars, it loves the heat of the iron, and it never wears out. The template not only makes collars look professional, it makes the fiddly seam allowances on the inside behave.

If you purchase the Cuff & Collar template, download the instructions here.

Looking for more information about the templates or other SA Curve products? Visit the SA Curve website.


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