Week 5: Table Runner / Table Topper Sew Along

Making the Quilt Sandwich and Quilting

How many times have you made a quilt top from a magazine or a commercial pattern and, after guiding you step by step thru completion of the quilt top, the next instruction is “quilt as desired”? Frustrating, isn’t it.

I will be the first one to tell you that I am not a great “quilter”.… Read the rest

Week 4: Table Runner / Table Topper Sew Along

Have you missed our Sew Along post this week? I know I have been eagerly awaiting them.

Since this is our very first attempt to host a sew along we are learning quite a lot! Preparing and posting these blog tutorials is a significant amount of work, especially for Maggie and Louise!Read the rest

Week 3: Table Runner / Table Topper Sew Along

Block 2

Block 2

Prior to making the following cuts, trim your selvage from the ends of your fabric strips as shown in the previous posts.


TIP: A handy tool to have before starting this block is the Marti Michelle Perfect Patchwork Corner Trimmer ($5.00). It can be purchased at almost any quilt shop.… Read the rest

Week 2: Table Runner / Table Topper Sew Along

Block 1

Block 1

Prior to making the following cuts, trim your selvage from the ends of your fabric strips following instructions in lesson 1.

Table Topper: make 1

  • From one 4 1⁄2” strip of Fabric 1 (background) cut four 4 1⁄2” squares.
  • From 4 1⁄2” strip of Fabric 2 (accent) cut one 4 1⁄2” square.
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Week 1: Table Runner / Table Topper Sew Along


My name is Maggie and I will be guiding you on this Sew Along to create a table runner or a table topper, whichever you desire.

17” x 62”
table runner x

table topper x37” x 37”

Here are the weekly lesson plans for both Sew Alongs:


Follow the directions below for either the Table Topper or Table Runner.… Read the rest

Plano ASG Sew Along & Show Off

What’s better than one Sew Along? Two Sew Alongs!

Plano ASG is calling all quilters and garment sewers alike to participate in a Sew Along beginning Friday, February 7th. Over the six week event, participants have the option to quilt a table runner or table topper. Or if fashion is your passion you may elect to sew Vogue 8897.… Read the rest

From craft to art: Richardson quilter brings home the gold

Special Contributor of Dallas News
(original article)

When Melissa Sobotka quilts, there are no pinwheels, no wedding rings, no log cabins.

There are, instead, sinuous waves, Christmas-like ornaments filled with swooping whorls and re-creations of painted masterpieces.

Sobotka’s quilts are art, hanging in private collections and galleries.Read the rest

Quilting in Space

A follow-up on Karen Nyberg’s story, the NASA Astronaut who quilts in space.


NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg hosts quilting bee from space station

With her long blond ponytail floating above her inside the International Space Station, astronaut Karen Nyberg calmly explains the challenges of quilting in weightlessness.

“Now that I’ve tried my hand sewing in space,” she said in a video released Thursday by NASA, “I can say one thing with certainty: It’s tricky.”Read the rest