Week 4: Table Runner / Table Topper Sew Along

Have you missed our Sew Along post this week? I know I have been eagerly awaiting them.

Since this is our very first attempt to host a sew along we are learning quite a lot! Preparing and posting these blog tutorials is a significant amount of work, especially for Maggie and Louise! They are doing a great job and the work required to provide you with the instructions and photos is taking quite a bit longer than we thought when we dreamed the idea up.

Thanks for patiently waiting when we run behind schedule. Here is your Week 4 installment. We hope you are having a great time and that your creative juices are in free-flow mode.

We can’t wait for the March 22 Show Off event to see all the amazing things Maggie and Louise have inspired with all their hard work on these blogs! Please be sure to give them a give thank you the next time you see them!

– The Special Events Team

Finishing your Table Topper or Table Runner

Border 1

Border 2
Table Runner

Corner Square

Table Topper


Table Runner Only (for Table Topper scroll down to photo 55):

  • From 2 1⁄2” strips of Fabric 2 (accent fabric) cut 4 rectangles 2 1⁄2” x 12 1⁄2” 7/8
  • From 2 1⁄2” strips of Fabric 2 (accent fabric) cut 16 rectangles 2 1⁄2” x 6 ” (8 mirror image rectangles)
    • Cut one end off at a 45° (see photo 39 below)
  • From leftovers of Fabric 3 (star points) cut four 2 1⁄2” squares.
  • From 5 1⁄4” strips of Fabric 1 (background) cut two 5 1⁄4” squares
    • Sub-cut 5 1⁄4” squares in half diagonally, and then cut the triangles made by that cut in half again (see photo below 40, 41 & 42 below)

Photo 39:

Photo 39
(click to enlarge)

Photo 40, 41, 42:

Photo 40

Photo 41

Photo 42

Note: If you have the Marti Michell corner trimmer, trim all three corners of the triangles and the upper 45° angle of the rectangle shown in Photo 39.

Photo 43:

Photo 43

Lay out the rectangle pieces and triangle pieces as above.

Photo 44:  Photo 44
Photo 45:
Stitch as shown in the picture.
Photo 45
Photo 46:
Photo 46
Photo 47:

Pin second rectangle to other side of triangle and stitch.
Photo 47
Photo 48:  Photo 48
Photo 49: Press Photo 49

Photo 50:
Sew 2 1⁄2” squares on each end of two of the completed triangle units.
Photo 50

Photo 51: 
Arrange three of the triangle units around two of the “snowball” blocks as shown. Stitch the two sides to the block and press, then stitch the top piece to the block and stitch.
Photo 51
Photo 52:
Stitch two of the triangle units to one “snowball” block and press.
 Photo 52
Photo 53: 
Stitch two plain rectangles to each of the two star blocks and press.
 Photo 53

Photo 54:
Lay out your blocks as shown below, stitch together and press.

Photo 54

Your quilt top is completed. Next week we will build our quilt sandwich and quilt.


Table Topper Only:

Photo 55:

Select your previously cut 13” squares and cut them in half diagonally and stitch Fabric 1 (background) to Fabric 2 (accent). Make 4.

Photo 55

Photo 56:

Photo 56

Photo 57:

Lay out your blocks as shown, stitch together and press.

Your quilt top is completed.

Next week we will build our quilt sandwich and quilt.

Photo 57

Use this contact form to ask Louise and Maggie questions about the Sew Along. Your Sew Along work-in-progress pictures can be sent to sewalong@planoasgsews.org or uploaded to our Facebook page.

Happy Sewing!

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