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Preparing to Sew - What you need to know

Preparing to Sew – What you need to know

It is January a new year, I am sure you have lots of sewing projects planned for 2016.  Before you sew here are a few tips of preparation. When shopping and you fall in love with a fabric but you are not exactly sure what you will create.  Here is a general guideline that several...
A Wardrobe Purge

A Wardrobe Purge

Lately, every time I step into my closet I get overwhelmed with the unknown. What do I really have in there, how much of this stuff is useless to me? I’ve been thinking about re-organizing my closet lately but was not inspired until the first day of spring. I’ve been reading blogs about the minimalist...
Organization - Part Three - Projects and Pantone

Organization – Part Three – Projects and Pantone

Do you ever go to an all you can eat buffet and fill your plate because everything looks so good?  Well I am guilty of that with fiber of all types.  The almost unlimited selections of such beautiful fabrics, yarns, and ideas on how to use them finds my sewing space bulging with half formed projects...
Organization - Part Two - Patterns

Organization – Part Two – Patterns

This post collects some advise from our members on how they manage both patterns.   Projects will be the topic of the next organizational post. Patterns/Designs/Paper/Electronic   Even if you only started sewing, I am sure you have collected many paper patterns, pattern pdfs, patterns for your quilting and/or embroidery software.  And if you haven’t...
Organization - Part One - Fabric

Organization – Part One – Fabric

*****NO STASH WAS HARMED IN THE CREATION OF THIS BLOG***** For a while now, I have been asking my fellow sewists how they organize, categorize, and otherwise find and use their fabric treasures.  There are as many methods as there are types of sewists, but maybe you can take away a hint or two on...