Meet the Material Girls NG leader

As truth would have it. . .
want a job well done, ask a busy person.

I became an NG leader by default. I was not happy about it because I was still recovering from
surgery and learning how to say “no” as I was already overcommitted. Nevertheless, I took
over Material Girls in 2012 and it has been a fun, enjoyable and great learning experience. The
friendships that have evolved is more than I could have imagined.
The group has evolved from a sewing group to a fiber arts group of sewists interested in
something new without a lot of investment, just in case it is not “your cup of tea.”
A loyal following has grown and everyone is always on the lookout for something they have
never tried before. Ideas come from craft fairs, books, magazines and wherever one finds
themselves. The storage unit has become our treasure trove.
There are 10 meetings a year on the second Monday of the month
at 10:00 AM. New or visiting sewists are always welcome to attend
a class that interests them. Most projects are completed during
the class. Most of the time there will be supply kits ready for you,
but occasionally you will need to bring along your sewing machine.
Is there a personal satisfaction for me? Absolutely! I look forward
to each class and hope everyone who comes learns something
new and may it be the start of a new passion. The class is a
learning experience for us all. There have been a few disasters and
thankfully they laugh along with me and we figure it out.

Pam Walker
Material Girls

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One thought on “Meet the Material Girls NG leader”

  1. The Material Girls were the first group of women to welcome me to the Plano Chapter. They are a fun loving, open arm welcoming committee all by themselves. I have made wonderful friends and learned a technique or two; some I like, some I will never master!

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