Meet Makers Who Just Happen to be D/FW Men

The sewing community is made up of talents from all ages, sex, religions and races. In this post, I wanted you all to meet some talented men makers. We never want to assume that our readers and members are only women, to do that would exclude so much creativity!

First up, let me introduce you to a young talented designer. Terrance Williams. Terrance is originally from Maine, but is now making his home in the Dallas area. His website and instagram links are below. My interview with him discusses his fashion journey, and inspirations. Terrance’s advise to the sewing community is to be inclusive, open to different people, different ideas, different concepts. Also to be a voice in the community that is willing to teach sewing knowledge without regard for traditional sewing stereotypes. Catch the entire interview below or read about more men who sew. and at

Next up is Michael Waid, the costume director with Dallas Theater Center. He has an extensive education in the fields of fashion, design and costume history. In addition, he previously owned a custom sewing and fabric store in Midland. Michael would love for the sewing community not to assume that everyone is female. And wishes pattern companies offered men’s clothing patterns in current fashions. His advise on fashion is to show your artistic side. Create something unique to you that you couldn’t find in a clothing store.

Dallas Theater Center

Bounceback fund – supporting artists during the pandemic

You Tube videos by Michael on how to make your own mask:

DFW Wearables group on Facebook

And rounding up the talented men in our area is Arthur Porter, co-founder of Dallas Designing Dreams. The mission is to nurture the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of individuals with “Dreams or Broken Dreams” and provide them with new inspirations and opportunities for their innovative ideas and products. And the future for Arthur and DDD is online distance learning for sewing, embroidering, graphic design and using these skills to become an entrepreneur. As well as creating a product line for bike accessories. His words for the sewing community is being willing to share your knowledge because you will reap great rewards.

Dallas Designing Dreams

YouTube Tutorials

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