Measurements Matter

One of the best parts of being a Member of the Plano Chapter of ASG is learning from other members. I made a personal goal to learn to sew my own clothes. I quickly ran into fitting issues and learned that I needed help. I brought a blouse that I was working on to the Designing Divas neighborhood group, and two wonderful ASG members offered to help me with fitting. They met with me and helped me take accurate measurements and then also worked with me to create a sloper pattern that I could use to alter commercial patterns to fit properly or use to draft my own custom patterns.

Debby Bowles, co-leader of the Designing Divas neighborhood group, has created a free Measurements Chart that you can download from our website. This chart features the critical measurements needed to completely fit a garment. The chart explains the best way to get the most accurate measurement for each specific area. If you are a member in need of current measurements, grab a friend from the chapter and this new measurements chart and you will soon be on your way to beautifully fitted garments.

If you download it, please leave a note in the comments to let us know.

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