Meet Monica – Leader of Project Sew

Since Monica joined Plano ASG in 2014, she has been busy spreading her enthusiasm for sewing to DFW and beyond!

She does so many things and you can find everything she does on her sewing and DIY website called That’s Sew Monica. For instance, she continues to host the monthly Project Sew meetup once a month in Dallas. In April, she launched Project Sew Atlanta with 25 sewers at the first meeting. In Monica’s own words:

 Project Sew has come a long way. This didn’t just start overnight. There were times where it was just me and 3 ladies in attendance. But what didn’t change is I never gave up. My goal is for everyone to pick up sewing. For women to come together and use the thread that brings us together.

She also leads Sew Your View – an online sewing meetup where women all over the country sew a pattern together every month and celebrate their makes at the end with lots of great photos.

She is also a regular contributor to Sewn – a sewing and DIY magazine with a focus on fashion. The image above is from Sewn magazine and it features ladies in their McCalls M7868 tops they completed for Sew Your View (left to right): Mia, ASG member Adria, and Kiki. They were all brought together through Project Sew.

Monica has also been featured in the final issue of Vogue Patterns and Voyage Dallas where she describes how her love affair with sewing began.

Vogue Patterns final issue

I love fashion and have designed and sketched clothes for years. I am happy that I took up this skill where I am able to express my sense of fashion and style. It is a wonderful feeling to see something in your head come to life.


She has also taken time to create a video tutorial of her Pin Tuck Sleeve technique. It’s right here for you to enjoy! Monica’s passion for sewing shines through and her enthusiam is genuine. It is wonderful to see her spread the her love for the art of sewing.

Pin Tuck Sleeve Tutorial

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