Fringe! Make your own decorative accent

Discovering How to Make Fringe


I recently wanted to add colorful fringe to a plain stole I was making for the pastor of our church.  I tried a few ideas before finding a few video tutorials that gave me the idea that finally worked.  It turned out to be very easy!  Here is how I did it.


  1. Decide how long or wide you want your fringe.  You can make fringe that is attached on one side, or one that attaches in the middle and fringes on both sides.
  2.  Make a cardboard template (loom)like the one in this picture.








3.  Your cardboard should be thin enough to easily fit under the presser foot on your sewing machine but sturdy enough to maintain its shape  while you wind the yarn around it.  I made my template 1 inch wider than I wanted my end result so I had enough width to insert the fringe into the seam.  I also made my template a little bit longer than the total length of fringe I wanted.

4. Make a little slit in one end so you can pop your thread in it to keep it from unwinding.  Wind your yarn around the template until you have as much as you need.  I needed 5 inches of fringe to fit at the end of the stole.








5. You can make another slit to pop the other end of the yarn through or you can just hold it in place.  Take the yarn-wrapped template to your sewing machine and stitch through the center of the template to secure the yarns with a zigzag stitch.  I stitched near the template inner edge because I wanted to insert the fringe into a seam.  You can also sew right down the center if you want a double sided fringe.








6. After you’ve sewn the fringe inside the template, cut the yarn on both edges to remove it from the template.

7.  Now insert the fringed into your seam (or wherever you want to use it) and stitch it down.



8.  You’re done!  It’s easy!





I hope this gets your creative ideas flowing.  If you try this out, send us a picture to show us how you used your fringe.  We would love to see your ideas!  If you need to see a video, check out this you tube by Fave Crafts

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