Shirt Making Workshop


On January 20, 15 Plano ASG members spent time with Maris Olsen, president of the Seattle ASG chapter, for a great day of learning shirt making techniques.  Maris covered so many valuable tips that ranged from sewing a one-piece collar, the burrito method of installing a collar stand, tower plackets and more.  After learning the burrito method for the collar stand, Karen Neal exclaimed, “This alone is worth the day!!”


This is hopefully just the first of many “home grown workshops” that will be offered in 2018.  While Maris came from Seattle, so isn’t quite homegrown, she is one of us, sharing her knowledge.  That’s what our hope is for other workshops, ASG members sharing knowledge in a few all-day workshops.  We are currently working towards scheduling other Home Grown Workshops on topics like making active wear, swimsuits, jeans, handbags/wallets and more.  Stay tuned and watch your email for details!

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