Conference 2020 – What’s In It For You?

We’ve all begun hunkering down away from social gatherings with our minds on COVID19. It can be exhausting to constantly listen for the latest news so we thought, why not take a break and dream about the summer?

Every year ASG hosts a conference somewhere in the US and every year lots of people go.  But why?  What’s the big deal?  In other words,


Conference is a great time of getting away from it all and being with people who love what you love and love to talk and teach about what you love – ALL THINGS SEWING! 

So just exactly what does a day at conference look like?

It starts out with breakfast on your own before heading off to your workshop.  You will have selected your classes when you registered.  Now it’s time to just dive in, learn new skills or hone old ones in the company of people loving and doing the same thing.  Scroll through these pictures for an idea of the kind of things you can experience and learn.

At lunch, you will gather around a table with about 8-10 of your old and new friends to enjoy a meal and hear from a speaker or watch the fashion show.  It’s always a source of fun and inspiration. 

Then it’s back to class to learn whatever you selected.  You might decide to stop in at the vendor hall on your way and pick up that special sewing tool, pattern or other notion you learned about in the morning class.  Or maybe you already strolled the vendor hall and saw a special piece of fabric you ultimately decided you just couldn’t live without.

 After your afternoon class you decide you just want a little down time, so you go back to your room and put your feet up until time for dinner on your own. Or maybe you have all the extrovert energy and made plans to stop off for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with a new friend from class or an old friend from home or elsewhere. 

Watch highlights from last year in our Facebook post.

After dinner, you head back to your room and pull out the schedule for tomorrow to be sure you know which sewing supplies you need to load in your bag and where your classrooms are.  If you have a roommate, you share all the interesting things you did and learned during the day then it’s off to sleepy town so you’re rested and ready to doing it all again tomorrow.  What a treat!

What do Plano ASG conference attendees have to say?

Debby Bowles – At an ASG Conference I attended a morning class on pattern drafting. I had never even considered drafting my own patterns before then.  After the two-hour class, I was hooked!  I loved the whole process, and now I draft all my patterns.  If it wasn’t for that one class at ASG conference my drafting passion would have never happened!

TJ Tamny – In addition to some great shopping and interesting classes, my favorite thing about conference is the ability to talk to other people who love sewing like I do.  There is such fellowship and camaraderie.

Sheryl Belson – I love all the hands-on learning opportunities. My personal preference is the all-day or half-day hands-on classes, but there are tons of 2-hour lecture and demo classes for those who like that style of learning best. There is truly something for everyone!

Karen Neal – Imagine being in a huge hall with hundreds of women who love to sew!  Add the exhibits that stretch from wall to wall featuring all things sewing – fabric, notions, and sewing gadgets you have never seen before.  Everyone is happy, excited, and anxious to learn.  I take as many classes as I can and come home with new ideas that I cannot wait to try.  Some of my favorite classes have been embellishments with Mary Ray,  speed techniques for French jackets,  precision sewing techniques with Louise Cutting, and fitting with Sarah Veblen.  I go for the learning.  The serendipity is the community of sewers.

Never has there been a better time for Plano members to attend! 

It’s closer than it’s been since when it was in Houston in 2012.  In only a couple of weeks, all ASG members will get an email with a link to the class schedule and a short while after that the registration process will open.  We hope this has whet your appetite to look at the schedule and then register to attend.  Take a chance!  We think you will be so glad you did!

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