Homegrown Workshops

What We’re Making in Homegrown Workshops (subject to change)

  • Wristlets with Susan – Apr 4
  • Activewear with Mary and Sheryl – May 2
  • Swimsuit with Mary and Sheryl – June 6
  • Beeswax Covers with Terri and Sharon – August
  • Beginner Sewing with Carol – September
  • Faux Fur Poncho and Muff with Terri and Sharon – October
  • Quilting with Maggie – November
  • Tassels with Penni – December

Most workshops cost about $15-20 for members, with a $50 surcharge for nonmembers. Since $50 is the cost to join, why not join and pay the lower fee for future workshops plus get all the benefits of membership!

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2 thoughts on “Homegrown Workshops”

  1. What a wonderful line up! I’m a fairly new member and have attended beaders workshops. For these homegrown workshops, do you need to bring your own sewing machine? Thank you.

    1. Hi Diane! Glad you are excited about the lineup! Yes, you will need to bring your sewing machine to the workshops. The retreat center we use is a wonderful setup. I think you will really enjoy coming!

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