Who is going to be traveling this summer?

Me !   Yes, I love my life of world wide travel.   I also love the community of PatternReview.com.   I volunteered to be a first time Pattern Review contest manager.  And the contest is “Travel Wardrobe”.

For those of you not familiar with this site, it functions on a Freemium structure.  You can join as a free or a paid member.  Paid member get more benefits.   This contest (1st prize is a gift certificate for $100 from Fabric Mart and 2nd prize is a $50.00 gift certificate)


To enter this contest you MUST be a member (either paid or free) by May 14th, 2017.  Voting for winners is done by all PR members.  My role as contest manager is to answer questions, to clarify rules, be motivational, and to ensure that all entries are submitted correctly before the deadline of June 15th, 2017.

Here are the main rules (see the discussion forum for more specifics):

1. During the 4 weeks (approx) of the contest sew FOUR (4) items of clothing with your travel destination in mind.  All sewing is to be done during the 4 weeks of the contest.

2. Combine those items with 2 OTHER clothing items to form a Six Pack of mix and match pieces. **The 2 OTHER pieces may be garments you already own, purchased before or during the contest, borrowed, or sewn before or during the contest. (If sewn, DO NOT include links to reviews for these items in your Overall Review)

3. Please note that while accessories such as scarves, jewelry, wraps, etc form an important part of wardrobe planning, they will not count as any of the 6 (4 sewn plus 2 other) items included in the contest. You may sew them and use them for styling purposes, but please do not include reviews for them in your overall project review.

4. Cardigans or jackets/blazers may be included as one of your 6 items, but not Outerwear. (Reasoning for this rule- A blazer or cardi can really pull an outfit together and is a great idea for travel. But a coat, while it might be essential for a particular location, isn’t really part of a wardrobe in the sense the Contest Committee is thinking. A coat can be thrown on over anything- we want you to be a bit more creative!)

5. Write 4 individual reviews and 1 Overall Review. The overall review will be the review entered in the contest and will link to the individual reviews.

6. In the Overall review show at least 5 possible combinations of the pieces and list all the possible combinations.


Here is the link to the contest forum:  I hope you all will use this contest for motivation for a travel wardrobe for a real (it could be going to Canton or Waco !)  or imaginary destination.



Official Contest Manager for Travel Wardrobe 2017 !


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