Clutch and other handbag sewing advise

Marie B’s adventures with clutches :
What worked and what not to do!
I might not be remembering the specifics of what got me started making these bags and not sure why I didn’t attend, but think Markita was holding a Handbag NG suggesting this pattern (free download).  The bags appealed to me and I wanted to try sewing with cork so thought these might be a good introduction to purse making along with cork sewing.
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Adventures with the creation of leather handbags

A multiple part series, tips and techniques  for sewing handbags with leather and other heavy fabrics.

My past experience with leather was sewing some purchased leather binding trim for a denim skirt.  I “knew”  not to pin, and to sew with a leather needle.  Unfortunately, when I washed that skirt the color faded all over the cream denim. … Read the rest