Spring Fling!

We started out at the Schimelpfenig Library and quickly moved to the Renner Frankford Library in far north Dallas when we found that we had the reservation that never was! Whether it was real (our view) or fictional (their view) somebody really scrambled to find the new venue and no one seemed to have trouble getting there.

Attendance was good!
Marie encouraged us to find free patterns we could take home.

The Purple Passion Challenge!

The contestants were provided a packet of fabric and zippers. They were required to use at least 1/4 of the fabric and at least 3 zippers to make an original creation.

Ginny Stein with her placemats
Jane Dempsey with her Easter eggs
Marianne Collins with her tote
Me (Debbie Reid) with my wine tote
Roxanne Carder with her pintuck blouse
Jeri Riley with her hanging sewing organizer

The Winners!

Evelyn Henry with her tote
Susan Clot de Broissia with her bed rest pillow
The Parade of Participants
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