Sewing Slump…Conquered!

by Kris Peterson

I was recently asked to write a blog post for Plano ASG, the topic to be determined by me! First, I have never written a blog, and have actually read very few; secondly, I had no idea of any topic that would be of interest to anyone! And to top it all off, I have been in a huge sewing slump, which showed no signs of ending. I have only attended a few ASG meetings as I have had nothing to contribute! However, I have maintained my twice a month get togethers with the ladies I have been sewing with for the past years.

In January, my sewing room was taken apart, painted, and had new flooring put down. It took 3 months for me to move everything back in, and what was lost, is still lost. So much for my organizational skills. I had no desire at all to even go into my newly completed room. I was terribly overwhelmed by the amount of stash I have collected, the number of projects that were in various stages of assembly, and the fact that when I put my room back together, it did not go back together the way it had been for years.

Then three things happened:

  • At Easter dinner, my daughter-in-law wanted to know why I still had the Christmas pillows out! I had not really paid any attention!
  • My granddaughter bought a pair of jeans on sale that were 10 inches too big in the waist, she loved the embroidery on them (and they were on deep sale and she assumed Nana would be able to fix)!
  • One of the ladies in my sewing group brought some outdoor furniture fabric samples to share and I took several home.

To get one of these projects off the ground, I brought the jeans to my sewing group and we came up with several options to take them in. It took several tries and fails, but the jeans were finally completed as well as can be without taking them entirely apart. My granddaughter was thrilled and I was glad to finally get them out of my sewing room.

With the help my embroidery machine, the outdoor fabric samples have been turned into new pillows; the Christmas pillows have now been stored away for next year. New projects are now on my white board for completion. Thanks to the ladies that I sew with and these odd ball projects, I have pulled out of the sewing slump. I am once again back to sewing.

I cannot say enough about how helpful it is to have friends that can be depended on to offer assistance and support when going through a slump. If you hit a slump call a sewing buddy ASAP, do find a special project that is out of your normal routine, and know that you are not alone and this is a temporary aberration. Happy Sewing!!

Kris Peterson’s beautiful sewing room
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