Asa, COVID, and the State Fair Sewing Contest

By Debbie Reid

Exciting Update!

In the 2021 Texas State Fair, Asa won a 1st Prize Ribbon for his jacket. If you’re going to the fair you can see it in the creative arts building, in the kids corner.

Original Article below

Every week one of the grandkids come over for “Grandma Night.” Sometimes we would cook or work on some other project, but mostly we sew. About a year and a half ago, Asa wanted to make a jacket. He had already done simpler projects so I thought he was ready for the challenge of zippered pockets and a lining. We were also excited to think that this was something that he might enter in the state fair sewing contest! He was about to insert the lining when things shut down due to COVID.

It was a year later when he was able to come to our house and work on it again. During that year he turned 14 and grew a few inches so the jacket is a little tight. We decided that he would finish it anyway, enter it in the contest, and give it to one of his nephews.

Asa finished the jacket a couple of months ago and we have already registered his entry on the state fair website.

Here’s hoping he wins a ribbon!

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One thought on “Asa, COVID, and the State Fair Sewing Contest”

  1. I love this story!! I will be looking for Asa’s entry at the fair! I hope he wins a blue ribbon!!

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