Peyote stitch, it’s all in the details

by Catherine Seles

I have to say I enjoy beading more than sewing right now. Not sure if it’s easier to just pull up my beads than my sewing machine? I’ve been working with many different patterns to make various bracelets. I have made several bracelets and even earrings with the peyote stitch.

However, I’ve never used one that has a specific pattern until now… I have found that the photo of the pattern and the numbers of each line is helpful.

I wasn’t paying attention the first time I made this dragonfly design and it made a difference. You will see the photo below shows my first dragonfly with a few stitches off on the left and the corrected one where I PAID attention to the bead sequence on the right.

This is a very time consuming and detail oriented, but satisfying as well. I made the first bracelet over twice! Still, I liked the pattern so much that I made a second one.

I would recommend trying a peyote pattern like this, you may find it quite satisfying when you finish it. You will have something unique to wear too!

Happy beading,
Catherine Seles

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