Mr. B and the Bean Bag Chair

by Pam Walker

Well, I have been asked to write a short something for our blog.  As my life has gotten extremely complicated, my passion for sewing and crafts has been sort of put on hold.  However, my family, God bless them, run to me with all the mending issues.

Thanksgiving day I was honored to put Mr. B, my 7 year old granddaughter’s, rather large, 7 year old teddy bear back together.  He is floppy, losing weight (unlike me), going bald – all over, has 1 eye and a few previous “surgery scars” but he goes to bed with her every night and is her special buddy.  The smile of delight and hug made every stitch worthwhile (while the gravy was burning).

My 11 year old grandson brought his bean bag chair with a ripped seam.  Took a little more ingenuity and thought to fix.  He talked to me the entire time and asked a multitude of questions.  He was so excited that it was “as good as new” and he learned how to thread a needle.  I‘m still chasing little Styrofoam balls around the house and the dog is trying to figure why they stick to her like glue.

My hope is that as they watch what can be done by picking up a needle and thread a hobby or passion will start to grow.  Maybe they can help me get the quilt completed for their father (been working on that for a year!)

Happy Sewing,

Pam Walker

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4 thoughts on “Mr. B and the Bean Bag Chair”

  1. Thanks for sharing your grandchildren with us. I can just picture it unfolding! Those two will remember your sewing skills for a long time.

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