Needle Nuts Stiletto’s

Check out the Stiletto’s, the Needle Nuts made during their last meeting! Make sure to also check out the rest of the Needle Nuts gallery.

The Stiletto can be used as an aid in needle felting and machine sewing. This tool will help keep your fingers away from sharp needles.



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2 thoughts on “Needle Nuts Stiletto’s”

  1. Yes! The Stilettos are made with hard wood dowells that are cut
    between 9-12 inches and then sharpened with a pencil sharpener.
    Once sharpened, lightly sand and then oiled with a little
    vegetable oil. This brings out the color and pattern of the
    hard wood. Embellishments next, use rat-tail cord or other yarns,
    add beads and top with a coin or button.

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