Fiber Wrapped Necklace

During our monthly Saturday Meeting this week, Louise will show us how to make these beautiful Fiber Wrapped Necklaces!

Louise will be happy to prepare kits and will have a wide assortment of yarns and fibers. Kits will be $10 and will include both sizes of cording, fibers and a clasp. If you know you want a kit, please email Louise to let her know what colors you might like. She will also bring a limited selection of beads, as well as an assortment of beading threads and needles.

If you just need the instructions and want to use any of her supplies, the fee will be $3. Additionally please bring the following supplies:

  • 36” of ¼” diameter cording  (buy in the home dec department)
  • 20’ of ½” diameter cording (may be longer or shorter depending on the desired length of the finished necklace)
  • 18 – 20 yards total length of each type of 3 fibers : one nubby, one smooth, and one metallic)
    (Suggestions include: specialty yarns, bias strips of silk fabric, silk ribbon, pearl cotton, or soutache braid.  Avoid worsted yarns as they will look dull. Avoid light colors as they will absorb skin oil and change colors over time.)
  • Yarn, sewing, and beading needles
  • All-purpose sewing thread and silamide or other strong beading thread.
  • Beads, found objects, buttons, broken jewelry pieces
  • Clasp to fasten necklace
  • Optional: chain to use for part of necklace so that the fibers do not chafe your neck

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