Hitting it out of the Sewing Room

Plano ASG member, Tricia Kemp, showed off her latest creation at the November Toujours! Couture meeting.  It is a story of creativity and the value of ASG relationships, so we knew we had to share.

With the help of ASG friend, Penny Hanstein, Tricia developed a blouse sloper that she can now use to design any blouse she wants.  On her very first attempt, she hit it right out of the ballpark, or should we say sewing room.

Her inspiration for the blouse came from Bobbi Bullard’s embroidery design collection called Curlies, which she purchased and loaded to her software.  The blouse design began to develop into an exciting vision of multiple panels and fabric layers with embroidery elements from the Curlies design used throughout.

Tricia describes her process like this:

I cut pieces of the silk large enough to allow plenty of room for each pattern piece and stabilized each piece with sticky wash away.  Next, I arranged the designs in my software trying to get mirror embroidery images on the front and back sections.

The side front sections and the cuffs were made by placing silk organza over the main silk pieces.  I embroidered those with a stipple design from the Curlies collection through both layers of fabric.

Embroidery through both layers

The sleeves sections were embroidered, then overlayed with the sheer.  

Notice how you see the embroidery as a shadow through the sheer overlay.

One the rest of the blouse, the embroidery was scattered directly on a single layer of the silk dupioni.  After embroidery was done, I washed away the stabilizer, dried the sections flat then constructed the shirt.  I was thrilled to find buttons in the perfect color with a curly design on them.

Beautiful buttons set off the total look!

One of the favorite parts of most of our ASG meetings is the show and tell.  We share our successes … and our not so successful.  We celebrate with ooo’s and aaaah’s and help each other find creative solutions.  Thank you, Tricia, for sharing your grand success with us.  We celebrate alongside you!

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6 thoughts on “Hitting it out of the Sewing Room”

  1. I have a box of sewing patterns someone may be able to use. They are from baby sizes to 2XX.

    Free if someone wants to pick them up

  2. Tricia,
    Oooooo and ahhhhhhh! This turned out incredible! Love the embroidery and the sleeve overlay. It is so creative and the color looks great on you. You continue to amaze. It is so neat that you washed the silk. It changes the hand and look a little, but I still love the way it looks and it is so much more practical. I miss seeing you! You are looking great. Marty Anderson

  3. This blouse is a true masterpiece! Trish is very creative and thoughtful in her choices and sewing. Kudos to you!

  4. Well done Tricia,
    Indeed a master piece!!
    Yes I miss the meetings because there is always someone who is willing to share their knowledge, know how, ideas and to encourage you to try again!!!!
    Proud to be part of ASG!!

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