Fireside Chat with Suzy Furrer of Apparel Arts

Suzy Furrer is the star of our next fireside chat and she is another delight you won’t want to miss. Suzy is the founder/director of the Bay area fashion design school, Apparel Arts where she teaches classes on pattern making, textiles, sewing, design principles and tailoring.  In addition to teaching at her own school, Suzy teaches at conferences, guilds, and schools around the country, online on Blueprint, and has even taught for big name companies like GAP, Pixar, and Lucas Films. She is also the author of, Building Patterns: The Architecture of Women’s Clothing.

Use the Member’s Only link in the Special Offers section of under Suzy Furrer to get a 15% discount on Suzy’s Building Patterns e-Book!

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2 thoughts on “Fireside Chat with Suzy Furrer of Apparel Arts”

  1. Thank you, Sheryl, for your excellent Fireside Chats. I love each and every one! It has been wonderful meeting Suzy Furrer and the other designers and hearing their stories. Each has offered new and interesting nuggets of information of various topics of which I had no knowledge. For example, Suzy teaching the Lucasfilm “tailors” of animated characters about various fabrics and how they drape. All your interviews have been terrific. I hope to see many more.

    1. Thank you Susan! I am so glad you have enjoyed them. I have enjoyed meeting these people as well. They are so interesting! We have one more coming in this series. Next Saturday we will post the interview with Emily Hallman. Then it is time for a break! But I am truly pleased they have been interesting and provided a respite from quarantine life. That was the whole reason for doing them.

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