Using Photoshop or Gimp to visualize fabric and patterns

Markita sent me this cool tutorial on how to use Photoshop or Gimp (free alternative to Photoshop) to visualize fabric and patterns. It involves a bit of technology but it gives you a good idea of what your outfit will look like. You can even use your personal croquis to really dress yourself virtually!… Read the rest

Dressing down a culture for refusing to dress up

Markita sent me this article by Nancy Giles about the dressing down culture. Make sure to watch the video as well!

(CBS News) Dressing elegantly for the most routine matters is a tradition from a distant past — and our Nancy Giles thinks that’s a shame (see the orginal CBS article here)

“There’s got to be a happy medium between wearing a burka and running around half-naked,” said Przybyszewski.Read the rest

Great British Sewing Bee


In April of this year BBC2 aired the show Great British Sewing Bee. This show features eight amateur sewers who are tested on their sewing and dressmaking skills as they compete to be crowned Britain’s best home sewer.

The judges, May Martin from the Women’s Institute and Savile Row’s Patrick Grant, scrutinise every stitch as they look out for puckering seam lines and perfect top stitching.… Read the rest

V&A Museum Patchwork Pattern Maker

patchworkmaker1Try the Victoria & Albert Museum online Patchwork Pattern Maker to convert personal images into quilt patterns. The tool lets you choose how many colors you’d like your pattern to have (up to 20) and the level of difficulty. After choosing between all options, you can download the complete pattern.

Check the gallery to see what other people have made.… Read the rest

Child’s Own Studio

A few years back Wendy Tsao began her business in making softies based on children’s drawings: Child’s Own Studio. Since then, she has custom made around 400 soft toys based on children’s drawings, each one as unique as the child who drew it.

Below are some images of her work, but her own website and Flickr Photostream are truly inspirational and worth looking at.… Read the rest

Indie Pattern Designers

Looking for a different pattern than one from ‘the Big Four’? Here’s a good list of smaller pattern designers.

Here’s part of the list:

  • Colette – There’s little that I could say about Colette that hasn’t already been said – vintage inspired designs with excellent community support.
  • Sewaholic – From Vancouver, Tasia designs for pear shaped women but these classic patterns would look good on many shapes and sizes.
Read the rest

Favorite place

Check out this wonderful music video by the band Black Books. The video explores the world of sewing. “The aim was to create an energetic, fun and at the same time warm and intimate music video to illustrate the track. Cloth is very symbolic, warm, personal, and of course colorful, so, I chose to explore the world of sewing and play with material and tools.”… Read the rest

Thrift to Gift – inspiration

Looking for inspiration for this year’s Holiday Luncheon Gift Exchange?

Check out below links for re-purpose, re-cycle, re-do or re-new inspiration! – 94 Upcycling Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind. Not all of them use fabric, but they’re great for inspiration.

My Recycled – Bags, totes and purses crocheted using recycled products, like plastic grocery bags, VHS tape, cassette tape, and re-claimed fabric.… Read the rest