Luke Haynes

Strolling the internet I came across the work of quilt artist Luke Haynes.

Luke Haynes – Quilt Maker, Textile Architect from Nate Watters on Vimeo.

A self-proclaimed “architect turned quilter”, he creates quilts often using used clothing. His pieces can be powerful, tongue in cheek, thought provoking, and stand alone statements. (source)

From his artist statement:

“My most recent works has been investigating nostalgia and function. I work with quilts because they embody these subconsciously while lending a unique materiality to the process and resultant product. I can work with disparate pieces of fabric and create a cohesive final product that is greater than the sum of its parts.]


I am interested in the choices we make to express ourselves to our world. The most apparent form of this is our clothes. We create an environment around ourselves to inform others how we desire to be perceived. By quilting I am initiating a dialogue between the immediate environments we create for ourselves, and the environments we inhabit. Where cloth, what we know to respond to as clothes, becomes the language of my work. The cloth becomes the medium that I use to create images and scenes rather than conceal and contain.” (source)

Luke’s work and more

Interview with Luke Haynes

Luke’s Mad Homes

Quilt artist stitches Capitol Hill house into art installation

Interested in making your own pixel or picture inspired quilts? Craftsy has a free mini-class on this topic.




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