Bali #3 Foreword

Markita loved to travel and to share her experiences. Even though she is no longer with us we wanted to share this post that she wrote for us.

Bali #3

by Markita Hall-Gumble

To recap, in July 2023 I visited Bali Indonesia for textiles.  This post is about a side trip organized as part of the Wacky Jacky Bali class.  At CV. Tarum Bali, they dye yarns with organic material.  An example is mengkudu (also known as Indian Mulberry) the resulting color is a rusty red.   We used a dye vat made of mango leaves resulting in a yellow color, again we used our skills in shibori resist and binding the fabric.  

Attached is a video and pictures of the factory and our projects.

You can follow CV Tarum on instagram at  @tarumbali and their website is

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