Week 6: Vogue 8897 Sew Along

It is hard to believe that this is the last session of this project. I would like to thank you for joining the Plano ASG chapter and me for our first (but surely not the last!) Sew Along. Our chapter has SEW many talented members, and you won’t want to miss what we present in the future.… Read the rest

Week 5: Vogue 8897 Sew Along

How is your dress/tunic coming along? Are you happy with it so far? I can’t wait to see all of them at our event.

1. I want to address the subject of “grading” a seam. When a seam is enclosed by a facing, collar, or cuff (just to name a few instances), it will lay flatter if the seam allowances are graded.… Read the rest

Week 4: Vogue 8897 Sew Along

Have you missed our Sew Along post this week?  I know I have been eagerly awaiting them. 

Since this is our very first attempt to host a sew along we are learning quite a lot!  Preparing and posting these blog tutorials is a significant amount of work, especially for Maggie and Louise! Read the rest

Week 3: Vogue 8897 Sew Along

Cutting the garment

1. Once all of the corrections are made to the pattern, you are almost ready to cut out your garment from your beautiful fabric. Your fabric should be prewashed and pressed already. Hopefully you have straightened the grain using the information from Sewing.org (opens PDF file). I will mention that some fabrics have a finish on them that prevent you from straightening the grain.… Read the rest

Week 2: Vogue 8897 Sew Along

Welcome back! This is week 2 of our Sew Along, and I hope you are excited and ready to get started. By now you have bought a pattern, read the back of the envelope and all of the instruction sheets. Hopefully you have found some fabric that you love and gathered all of the necessary notions and tools.… Read the rest

Week 1: Vogue 8897 Sew Along



Welcome to the Sew Along blog sponsored by the Plano Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.

My name is Louise Schubert, and I will be your guide through this adventure. Whether you are a seasoned sewist or a novice, hopefully this will be a fun experience for you.

To make it even more personal, you will be asked to post questions and comments on our Facebook page.Read the rest