Anyone can win it motivation and sewing tip from Louise Cutting

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We just finished a weekend hosting Louise Cutting from    Fabrique Fabrics  hosted a champagne trunk show of Cutting Line Patterns on Friday evening, and all day Saturday participants learned how to measure, identify and solve common fitting issues.  We are proud that we can host nationally recognized sewing instructors, and would love all input on which sewing star you would like for us to host in 2017.

Today,  I would like to share a helpful sewing tip from Louise, for those that were unable to attend the workshop.  First some basics.   I think sometimes we forget the nature of how our sewing machines operate.  The feed dog (the metal teeth like ridges) move in tiny amounts, this action moves the fabric as the needle and thread make the stitch while connecting with the bobbin.  The amount that the feed dogs move is related to the stitch length you have set for your stitch.  The presser foot (regular one) holds the fabric next to the feed dogs and helps to guide the fabric through, but it does not pull the fabric.  Some machines have an integrated or optional foot that is called even feed or walking, that in addition to holding the fabric also moves the fabric from the top side as well.  Regardless the feed dogs will always be the primary mover of the fabric.  Now to the hint, BBB. Big, Bias, Bottom.  When sewing two pieces together, remember the acronym BBB.  The Biggest piece, or the Bias piece, needs to be on the Bottom, next to the feed dogs.  There are many instances that you need to ease in one pattern piece to another (a collar to a band, easing in fullness for a “faux dart” , easing a sleeve into an armscye)   You will many times sew in one direction and then have to flip the pieces to follow the rule that Big or Bias stays on the bottom next to the feed dogs.


Reminder about the national ASG contest Anyone Can Win It  and Joann’s  has Simplicity patterns on sale for .99 Thursday May 5 – 7th.  No excuses – get your patterns, sew it and enter !!!

Anyone Can Win is open to ASG “over 18” members and anyone age 18 and under. (Open to U.S. residents only.) If the entrant is not a Junior Member, the “18 and under” category needs an ASG sponsor. But it isn’t necessary for the sponsor to have been involved in sewing the entry. We just want you to encourage young people to enter. Note, however, that the sponsor’s name and ASG membership number must be included on the entry form. To enter, make all or part of any of the 14 ASG patterns listed on this page. Take a digital photo of your creation and then go to the Members Only section of Click on the Contest 2016 banner, fill out the entry form, and follow the easy instructions to upload and label your photo (only one photo per garment, please). That’s it! The deadline for entries is midnight EDT, July 1, 2016. Making more than one garment? Enter them all. The more garments you enter, the greater your chances of winning!Four winners will be chosen electronically at random—two “over 18” ASG members and two “18 and under” entrants. The first “over 18” member selected will receive a Janome Skyline 57, with 240 built-in stitches and LCD color touchscreen. (To learn more about this machine, visit The second name selected will receive a gift pack of A&E Intressa Premium Polyester Core Spun Sewing Thread with 600-yd. spools in 24 colors. That’s 14,400 yards of thread! The first “18 and under” winner will receive a $100 shopping spree from Nancy’s Notions; the second will receive a $50 Nancy’s shopping spree. Both young winners will also receive a one-year Junior Membership in ASG.

The Simplicity/ASG patterns for the 2016 contest are as follows:

1018, 1071, 1073, 1103, 1106, 1118, 1166, 1168, 1169, 1177, 2286, 8027, 8090, 8091.


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