You are probably right!  You just have to find the right repair person.

I have been very frustrated with my Viking Diamond Royale in recent months.  It made terrible noise when I sewed on anything (even when embroidering) and shredded my thread.  A machine that expensive shouldn’t act that way. New needles, new thread, different stitch – nothing mattered, it still made that noise.  I took it back to Viking center at Preston several times.  They always blamed it on something or other and I always went back home with no remedy.  Someone (thank you Ginny!) suggested I take it directly to the Mesquite Viking where lots of members go for “machine fixing” anyway.  The saleslady there heard it right away and agreed that wasn’t right.  She called the fix-it guy to come downstairs and listen to this machine.  He also heard it right away.  He looked it over for awhile, practically standing on his head to look up around the needle area.  When he said “uh-huh”, I can’t explain the relief I felt!  Turns out this has been a recurring problem he’s seen often lately.  The problem is an almost invisible crack in the needle clamp, where the thread rubs thus shredding and making noise.  He replaced the clamp and found that something else had not been put back on properly. 

While there, I was complaining about the bobbin winder not putting much thread on the bobbin.  He said “oh, I can fix that too”. 

Did you know you can adjust how much thread goes on your bobbin??  Ask your Viking dealer to show you how.  Then he said “let me check one more thing while you’re here”.  Turns out there was an update to the machine that I had not gotten.  He took care of that too.  I am so pleased that I made that trip and so grateful for the 2 people at Viking who sent me home happy.  I haven’t gotten to sew on it yet (my sewing room was disassembled to put in new windows) but I have faith that all will be well now.  Now then, to get my serger stitching properly!



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