Think Outside the Box Challenge

think out side box 2All Plano ASG members are encouraged to bring a brown bag filled with items from the list below to the High Tea at 1:30 p.m. on February 21 . We will blindly exchange these bags at that time, then in  August  we all get together to share our creations.  You are challenged to do something wonderful with the contents.  Anything goes – think outside the box!!!   If you want to enter the challenge but can’t make the tea we will arrange to make a bag exchange available to you at another date.
Rules for the Thinking Out of the Bag Challenge

Package together in a plain brown bag ( a grocery bag works fine) – staple or otherwise close
Each bag must contain a total of 2 yards of woven fabric, at least one piece must be a minimum of 1.5 yards
And 2 or more additional items chosen from the following list:
Fold-over Elastic
Trim (1 yard minimum)
Bias tape (1 yard minimum)
Ribbon (1 yard minimum)
Bag Handles
Cotton or nylon webbing (1 yard minimum)
Magnetic Closure
Skein of embroidery floss or thread
Spool of metallic thread
Spool or skein of variegated thread
Spool of Topstitching thread
Yarn (5 yd. minimum)
Each participant must use at least half of each item included in the brown bag. Additional fabric, notions, threads, etc. from your own stash may be incorporated in the final project. Anything goes – garment, purse, pillows, quilt, …… Let creativity rule the day!

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