The Bag Ladies’ Tea

by Mary Jo Forbes

Who doesn’t love a tea party? Over the years that I’ve been a member of Plano ASG we’ve had several but we wanted this tea to be different, a celebration of returning to meeting face to face. We wanted to be able to circulate, to interact, to really enjoy, not just the food, but the event itself. We chose Bonnie Ruth’s in Plano and they turned the entire restaurant over to our party from 2:00 – 4:00 on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

The tables were set with beautiful china and towers of sandwiches and pastries. Each place setting included a menu of tea flavors.

We chose the Bag Ladies theme because almost everyone has made a bag of some sort at one time or another. It could be any bag, even a paper bag, we just wanted something everyone would have in common. My Special Events Team, Davie Marie Hurlbert and Donna Outhouse set to work planning activities, managing communications and devising the voting system to determine who won “Most Original” and “Best of Show” bags.

As they arrived, members were given a list of items to look for in each others’ purses. Jane Dempsey won the prize for finding the most items.

By popular vote Roxanne Carder won “Most Creative” for her intricately hand-adorned Purse.
Joanne Jensen won “Best of Show” for her clever tote bag.

Amidst all the fun and we wanted also to honor the loyal ladies who held our membership together through Zoom meetings, primarily, over the past two years.
Marie Barrese                         Beyond Chanel and Beader’s Workshop
Ginger White                          Saturday Zoom
Debby Bowles                         Designing Divas
Jane Dempsey                         CommunitySew
Maggie Tinnin                        Maggie’s Minions and Quiltin’ B’s
Ginny Stein                             Hoopla Sisters
Shelly Akerly                           West Side Sews
Joanne Jensen                         West Side Sews
Shirley Rogers                         We’re Sew special
Susan Clot de’ Brossia         TAG
Kelli Robertson                       TAG
All were given certificates of our appreciation and, appropriately, a tin of The Bag Ladies Tea.

We ended the party on a high note, handing out kits for the Purple Passion Challenge, purple being Pantone’s color of the year for spring. The kits include 2 Yards of purple quilting cotton and  7” zippers in various shades of pink.  The date for presentation of the challenge is on April 30th and they’re calling it the Spring Fling.  Anyone wanting to enter the PP challenge who didn’t get a kit at the tea should contact Donna Outhouse, (214) 906-0598.

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