Indigo Dyeing Seen Wandering a Museum in Budapest

Submitted by Markita Hall-Gumble

Plano ASG member Markita, recently had the opportunity to spend some time in Budapest, Hungary.  And in typical ASG fashion, she found “all things fiber” the city had to offer!  Enjoy a virtual walk through history of indigo dyeing as Markita takes us on a tour of the Goldberger Textile Museum. 

The Goldberger Textile Museum pays homage to the more than 200 years of industrial and social history of the previous Goldberger textile factory and surrounding area in Óbuda.  The Goldberger business was started by Ferenc Goldberg in 1784 and run by six subsequent generations. 

The largest section of the museum is devoted to the process of indigo vat dyeing.  Indigo (which is derived from one of the species of the indigo plant) was initially purchased from India until synthetic Indigo was developed.  And since this process requires a lot of water, banks of the Danube in Budapest was an ideal location.… Read the rest