State Fair Contests – What is the Competition?

Last August, I covered the ASG members’ winning entries at the State Fair. This month, I thought that you might like to see other entries that won ribbons in the same categories, as well as some entries in other sewing-related contests.

Marie Barrese and I made a trip to the Fair to take pictures of items in the cases at the Creative Arts building. There were too many photos to include in this post, but I think you will get an idea of the level of competition for each classification. If you wonder why some entries won a higher ribbon than another entry, consider the following:

  • The judges got a much better look at the item. They were able to handle it and look inside at the construction techniques.
  • They are limited on display space so not everything will be shown to its best advantage.
  • Getting detailed photos of each item was a challenge due to the reflections on the glass and low lighting.

I’ve attached a pdf document with everything I was able to match to a classification. For each class I’ve noted how many ribbons were awarded. If there were only 2 ribbons, they probably only received 2 entries. If there were 8 ribbons awarded there were probably more than 8 entries. I’ve also noted names just for ASG members. Click on “Picture Gallery” below to see the document or to download it. Enjoy!

Picture Gallery

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One thought on “State Fair Contests – What is the Competition?”

  1. Thank you Debbie, for all the wonderful pictures and telling us how many ribbons were awarded in each class. Very interesting all the different classes we can enter.

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