The Secret Strength of Silk Organza

If you envision frilly little girls’ dresses, crisp sheer collars, or a translucent evening concoction when you hear the name “silk organza,” reconsider.

In this Threads Magazine article (download here) Marla Kazell, teacher of fine-sewing techniques, will show you several ways silk organza can greatly improve the results of your sewing.

Silk organza is a fabulous workhorse fabric that you can layer inside a garment to add invisible, weightless support and strength. Among other things, silk organza will hold the shape of an edge, sleeve cap, or buttonhole.

The following uses of silk organza will be discussed:

  • Creating bulk-free seam or hem finishes
  • Making a great press cloth
  • Using as an interfacing for hems
  • Temporarily binding raw edges
  • Adding support to fabric
  • Shaping sleeve heads
  • Providing lining for sheers
  • Securing edges and openings
  • Reinforce clipped corners
  • Stabilize seams
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