Planning for Fall Sewing

Using My Body Model as a planning tool for a 17 piece fall wardrobe

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I decided to try something different this fall, actually planning out more than one garment :). To start off I used my custom coquis from the app. I walked through Erin’s online class called “paperdolls for adults”. I was inspired to pull out some markers, patterns, fabrics and plan out an entire fall wardrobe. My inspiration was from a ‘boucle challenge’ on a facebook group of sewing friends that I have met over the years from Pattern Review in person gatherings. I found the pictured dress from Giambattista Valli Fall 21 collection as a great inspiration. Using only fabrics from my stash, the plaid boucle in fall colors was the start of my fall capsule. I was having so much fun with the paperdolls, I probably got a little carried away with the number of garments.

I decided to start with the most difficult fabric, the watercolor striped chiffon. In a do not try this at home moment, I chose the Seamwork Everly bias skirt. Chiffon on the bias, with a side zipper. But with lots of patience and hang time, garment 1 was finished. Garment 2, same fabric, a peasant style blouse from vintage Butterick 5656. Not sure I will ever wear them together, but I have been taking inspiration from @KatieKortman wear happy colors. (side note Katie will be a contest on the upcoming season of Project Runway) In the photos the Everly skirt is paired with the Seamwork Madhu top, garment 3.

Garment 4, my only weak moment in buying new fabric is the Ruby Star Society Chore Coat, fabric from and class was from their free Fun Friday event. Garment 5 is the free pattern Vera from Forget Me Knot. This is one of my favorite sews so far, it is on trend with the puffy sleeves, and was quick to make. The fabric in my stash was from Thistle Creative Reuse in Denton. It is same concept as the Scrap Denton, run by some of the same folk. They ship for free with orders over $60, and add new merchandise to the website every Friday. The pants, garment 6 are a printed linen, purchased for me by Sharon CM after the tornado sale on Perth. The pattern is a Mimi G Simplicity 8889.

The next 3 garments are tops. 7 is also from Simplicity 8889 in an Alexander Henry sugar lace skull cotton. 8 is a body suit, I Am Chantal , from the French pattern company I Am. Garment 9 a crop top is Simplicity 8609 a printed jersey and 10 is Butterick 6600 in two tissue knits that I think I snagged from the Wal Mart bargain bin.

The orange pant is the Persephone pant by Anna Allen in a lightweight denim, garment number 11. Number 12 Pietra Pant from Closet Core Patterns in a tan lightweight denim. Side note, I entered this garment in the instagram contest from #CurvyPatternDatabase. Contest is open through the end of Oct 21, just sew a garment that is size inclusive and is patterned for at least a 60″ hip. 13 is also a pant, this one from the French pattern company I Am Panoramix in a dark gray with a hot pink pinstripe. The last top, 14 is a beige shirred turtleneck from Christine Jonson. Using a vintage Vogue Calvin Klein 2850 jeans skirt pattern, I used an Ankara print for another skirt. That leaves the inspiration garment, the original boucle dress. I used a modified Seamwork Adelaide for this creation. And I decided to add just one more garment, #17, to the original plan, a cardigan using a black textured knit and the Cinnamon pattern from the Autumn/Winter 2021 Ottobre Women.

As you can see, I have gone with traditional fall colors. Oranges and tans, punched up with hot pink & black. High waisted pants, big sleeves, and crop tops. And I feel good about it all working together, because I created those paper doll clothes. I hope this gives you some inspiration to try out my body model, paper doll clothes and maybe one or two new pattern companies. To follow along on my sewing and life journey, you can find me on Instagram @Markitahg , Facebook groups – DFW Sewing, Sewing Sisters; Pattern Review and Topstitch Makers as Markita.

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8 thoughts on “Planning for Fall Sewing”

  1. As always, you inspire me! I am still working through my fall capsule wardrobe plan even though we are about to enter winter. But I am having a blast and it sounds (and looks!) like you did too.

  2. Wow, you have been busy. The paper dolls caught my eye , then the clothes magically turned into garments. Wonderful post full of rabbit holes to follow. Thank you.

  3. I’m glad somebody will be well dressed for the Fall. I’d probably have more fun with the paper dolls than sewing for myself!

  4. Interesting fall wardrobe. Lots of inspiration. You made all this planning look like fun. As always, Markita, super job. Enjoy wearing all these beautiful clothes.

  5. Amazing what you can make so quickly. You’ve definitely inspired me to start some serious sewing again. The one I want to piggyback copy is the shirred turtleneck from Christine Johnson. I love how you have used your stash.

  6. Wow! You have been busy. Wonderful idea, paper doll clothes that magically turned into a wardrobe. Thank you for all the rabbit holes to follow.

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