National ASG Upcoming Webinars

Here is the list of webinars for the first quarter, offered by the National ASG:


10 – ASG Online!: Polar Fleece. We know polar fleece is a great fabric. Do you know what it is made from? Please join us for our first ASG Online of the New Year and learn about some techniques and projects for fleece fabric.

17 – Let’s Talk French Curve: You may have one. You may have seen them in the store and wonder what they are for. Every sewing studio needs a French Curve or Design Ruler to make pattern work easier and more efficient. There’s really no mystery to them. This session will show how to use them in designing, pattern alteration, and copying ready-to-wear.

24 – Let’s Talk Zippers: Zippers can be our nemesis, but they needn’t be! Learn how to insert a lapped zipper (closed and open methods), a hand-picked zipper, and an invisible zipper with a trick from the ready-to-wear industry that makes this installation flawless!


7 – ASG Online!: Opening a Home Sewing Business. Have you ever dreamed of opening your own sewing business? The first thing is to be armed with is knowledge. There are many avenues to travel within this realm and all are exciting and can offer from just a few dollars in extra cash to full employment. This session will discuss many of the considerations from alterations to assessing skill level and taxation.

21 – Let’s Talk Pattern Drafting Part 5- Reading Wrinkles, Session 1: AKA Grainlines “Reading wrinkles” really begins by understanding grainline. This session will include a thorough discussion on grainline and how it relates to the drape of the fabric and ultimately a garment. We’ll take a look at different skirt designs and a couple of neckline designs that will show how the drape of the fabric relates directly to grainline. Next month in Session 2, we’ll then discuss how all this makes “reading wrinkles” so much easier.


7 – ASG Online!: Computer Basics—Very Basic! Do you still have trouble finding files? Making attachments to emails? Downloading embroidery designs only to find they have “disappeared”? This session is light-hearted and perhaps will give some insight to give you the freedom to love your computer again!

21 – Let’s Talk Pattern Drafting Part 5- Reading Wrinkles, Session 2: AKA Reading the Grainline. The first session was an in-depth discussion on grainline. Are you “stymied by the fitting process”? Fit is a very personal thing. What one as a designer thinks, what a dressmaker sees, and what the person wearing the garment feels all relate directly to “fit”. We’ll discuss what constitutes “good fit” and learn to “read wrinkles” by simply reading the grainline!

28 – Let’s Talk Bound Buttonholes: Do bound buttonholes strike fear, perhaps even terror? Bound buttonholes seem to be the bench mark for being labeled a “master sewist”. No matter the skill level, we’ll take a look at how to create bound buttonholes by more than one method and also discuss how they can be used to make a statement in garments.


4 – ASG Online!: “Words to Treasure” Baby’s First Quilt: There’s  nothing better than welcoming a new baby into the world. This session will show how to use some specialty graphics, will give you websites for purchase, and we’ll learn how to get one-off printed yardage to make a truly special one-of-a-kind baby quilt (techniques could also be used for any special occasion or ‘just-because’ quilt).

11 – Let’s Talk Pressing: The question was, “How do I iron so while sewing so my garments do not look home-made”? This session will discuss the sequence of pressing, when to press and when to iron, and the tools which can be used to give professional results.

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