Meet Maggie Tinnin, Neighborhood Group Leader for Quiltin’ B’s and Maggie’s Minions

My name is Margaret Tinnin, but I prefer to go by Maggie. I joined ASG in 2002 or 2003 (I think) and have been a member ever since. In 2004 when the Plano Neighborhood Group broke off from the Dallas Chapter and formed the Plano Chapter, I was one of the charter members. There were only about 40 of us at that time. I was the only volunteer, so I became the secretary of our chapter. I also served as Membership Chair, 2nd vice president and 1st vice president. Since I did not feel I was qualified to be president, I did not present myself for election to that post. I did, however, remain on the board as a Neighborhood Group leader/Retail Liaison. I am also Retail Liaison at this time. Although I have not been a regular attendee, I have been on the board in some capacity, elected or appointed, since 2004. Now that makes me feel old! I continue to be active in my Neighborhood Groups (I have two), the Quiltin’ Bs and Maggie’s Minions Electric Quilt Group.

Like most of us, I started sewing when very young and made mostly clothing. Quilting came much later when I found that the clothing patterns no longer fit me (changing body and all that). I have been quilting now since 2004 and love it. I am, however, beginning to work on fitting patterns and sewing clothes again. I have taken many classes, both in person and on-line, on fitting and am working on a jacket now in an on-line sew-a-long. I am also watching free videos on fitting and think I have a handle on it now, so am looking forward to my first project that actually fits me in many, many years.

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One thought on “Meet Maggie Tinnin, Neighborhood Group Leader for Quiltin’ B’s and Maggie’s Minions”

  1. Maggie,
    I remember your sewing group from the early 2005 or thereabouts.
    I was never active in quilting much but recently I have started watching videos about garment construction. I have problems with fitting and decided to join a group again.
    I plan to attend a meeting this Tuesday at Fabrics store near Bush/Coit.
    Maybe I will get to meet you there.
    Shirley Bowles

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