Linden’s Joy Quilt

Many of our members have taught children and grandchildren to sew, but how many of them have loved it so much that they started a business?

Ann Skaehill did! She is the owner of Crafty Moose Quilts and her proud mother is ASG member Judi Jaksa.

Linden’s Joy

Ann makes and sells t-shirt quilts but she has recently gone into publishing her own quilt patterns. She had 20 pattern testers in 6 different countries who tested the Linden’s Joy pattern and she has 25 testers in 5 countries currently working on the next pattern test.  The first pattern available to the public is called Linden’s Joy and there is a story behind it.

Ann was hired to create an ombre quilt for a sweet little girl named Linden. This quilt was to be her Christmas gift.  The finished quilt was shipped and swiftly stolen from her front porch. Ann’s local quilting community came together with monetary donations, labor, fabric bundles, encouragement and love as they made a Christmas miracle happen! The second quilt was made in record time and it was hand delivered before Christmas. With the remaining fabric scraps, the “Linden’s Joy” quilt was born to represent the ripple effect her quilt project had on many people.

Currently, quilters can find the Linden’s Joy pattern at Downtown Dry Goods in downtown McKinney, The Quilt Asylum in Denison, and at Stitched With Love in west McKinney.  Stitched With Love will also have the twin size cover quilt at their Plano Quilt Show booth along with fabric bundles and the Linden’s Joy pattern for purchase.

Additional information is available on her website:

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