Lemons to Lemonade

In August of this year I couldn’t flee the heat to the mountains as I generally do and was a bit grumpy about it. I didn’t have the mobility, but definitely had lots of extra time on my hands. Instead of moping around, I began to think about those who permanently didn’t have mobility. 

An idea began to bloom around how our women’s church group could serve these individuals who have permanently lost their mobility. After talking with several nursing and rehabilitation facilities we came to find out that their #1 need was walker and wheelchair bags. So we put out a call to our congregation for fabric donations and we were overwhelmed by the response. After a very dusty sorting, washing, and ironing process we cut out 55 walker bags and invited all who had sewing and ironing experience to take on this project. We had 12 adults and a couple of teens come for two sewing days. We had so much fun chatting and laughing. And, as expected, we accomplished our mission – 55 beautiful walker bags for both men and women. 

But that’s not the end of this story. One of our teens, just 13 years old, came to iron for us. She happened to share that she loved to hand-sew little plushies.  She mentioned she’d always wanted to learn to use a sewing machine, but no one in her house knew how to sew. As we had extra machines, some with speed control, I was able to set her next to me and get her started on the straight straps. Soon she progressed to sewing around the bags which included curves. Much to my surprise, she began applying the binding. This girl was an absolute natural!

At the end of our 2 days, she asked if she could take a kit home as her grandmother was visiting and said she’d bring her sewing machine with her. Three days later she called saying her bag was completed, all on her own, and her grandmother was so impressed, she gave her the sewing machine!! Lindsey has gone on to tackle a few simple skirt patterns with her grandma’s help.

Our group of ladies have since distributed the 55 walker bags and have made a few extras for special requests. It was a blessing to those who are no longer mobile and an unexpected blessing to share our craft with the next generation.

Davie Marie Hurlbert and the Women and teens of Grace Church.

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2 thoughts on “Lemons to Lemonade”

  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s so wonderful you were able to share your talents with another. I’m sure she will remember this experience for a long time!

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