Jami’s Trip to Houston’s International Quilt Show

Sensory overload is the best way to describe the Houston International Quilt Festival. There were dolls, fabulous quilts, vendors, classes, LOTS of people and even a saddle display.

This year was special to me for several reasons: I had two dolls on display, it was the first time I took a class and I reconnected with an old friend I hadn’t seen since high school.

My two dolls were made for challenges. The first “Gloriana”, my version of Queen Elizabeth the First, was made for a doll club’s 50 Shades of White Challenge. The second doll was made for the Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge. “Maya”, an Indian bride was made using a specific package of fabrics that had to be used to enter the challenge. Neither doll won anything, but the comments from the viewers make entering so worthwhile. I always hope the dolls inspire someone else to start making dolls.

The class, Dazzling Dog Portraits, was to create a picture of a pet using a fabric collage technique. It was a fun class and I can’t wait to finish the portrait started in class. The members of the classes were a refection of the Quilt Show; five out of the fifteen class members were from outside the United States.

Through a class reunion site, I found out that my old car pool buddy from high school had started to quilt and would be at the show. We emailed back and forth and finally reconnected at the show for lunch. We had to send photos to each other of what we look like now so we could find each other. It was wonderful and we are going to try to make it happen again next year.

The show was fantastic and I can’t wait to go again, once my feet recover.

Article and Photos by Jami Roux.

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