It’s Time to Sign Up!

The Great State Fair of Texas will be here before you know it! It is time to sign up for the creative arts contests. The deadline to register online is July 24 and here’s how to do it.

Get started by clicking on the link below.

Register for Creative Arts Competitions

  1. Scroll down until you see this.
  2. Download the guide and determine the contest you want to enter. You need to know the Department, the Division and the Category.

Don’t limit yourself to the Needlework and Sewing Department. Check out the Holiday Corner and the Designer Craftsman Departments for example.

For example, you will see on page 32 that Department I is Needlework and Sewing. It has several Divisions such as Crochet, Knitting, Smocking and Sewing Machine Articles, among others. Each of those Divisions have several categories. You can enter as many as 6 categories, but you can only enter one item per category. The Sewing Machine Articles Division has over 20 categories.

3. Go back to this page and click on “Register.”

4. Click on either of these “Register Now” buttons.

5. If this is your first time to enter, you will need to set up a password and give them a little information about yourself to set you up as a Contestant. I can’t show you that because I have entered before and it takes me directly to the next page.

6. You can set up more than one contestant. I’m assuming this might be your children if they want to enter a contest. At this point you click on yourself.

7. Choose the Department.

8. The next page has a dropdown menu with all the Divisions for that Department, so choose the one you want. As soon as you do that, the Categories will appear. In this case the Division was “Sewing Machine Articles” and I chose I172. Adult Apparel. You can choose multiple Categories if you have the items to enter.

9. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find these two buttons. Use the left button if you want enter more contests in other Departments or you can checkout.

If you have any problems you can email them at or call  214.421.8744.

Entries must be dropped off the first weekend in August, the 4th through the 6th. The address for the Creative Arts Building is 1327 Admiral Nimitz Cir, Dallas, TX 75210 if you want to take the entry yourself. Marie Baresse and I will be taking entries so make arrangements with one of us if you want us to take your entry for you or if you would like to come along with us.

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