It is almost a New Year – Set reasonable goals

Time for reflection, for planning and goal setting.

I am going to encourage you to set reasonable goals for 2017.  I would characterize myself as someone who attempts to over achieve.  I have lots of plans for lots of great designs, projects, paintings and more.   In my mind, I think, I can lose ## pounds, return to my body’s athletic and physical shape of my 20’s or 30’s.

Ah, but the reality.  I think this hit home in a recent visit to the Kensington’s Place exhibit “Fashion Rules – Revisited”.  Want to learn more about the exhibit?  Here is the link.   We live in the age of Disney princesses – for ever young.  And yet, here is the reality of a real princess.

Princess Margaret, the younger sister of  Queen Elizabeth II, was the picture perfect style icon starting in the 1950’s.

The white dress,  was created by Christian Dior, featuring the tiny waist and full skirt, is one of many designer creations worn by the princess.  She was 22 and able to embrace fashion and frivolity.    Her outfits and accessories reflected her party princess lifestyle.

Christian Dior for Princess Margaret, 1952. Lent by Fashion Museum, Bath – for Fashion Rules, ReStyled. November, 2016

















Silk and lace dress worn 1995. Part of the historic royal collection.


But, a real princess can’t fight aging, and the associated changes in physique.  As a reference, this photo of another beautiful designer gown.   This time worn by the princess at an event when she was 65.   No more tiny nipped in waist, but still elegant and expertly tailored.







I am going to embrace the current me.  The great thing about sewing knowledge is that you can be your own designer, your own tailor.  Have reasonable goals for 2017, but don’t wait to be the idealized you before you create a great wardrobe.  Need more inspiration from royal fashion?   Check out the Netflix series “The Crown”  

Need inspiration from some of the most talented makers of garments and accessories?  Visit one or more of our local neighborhood groups.

Make 2017 the year of your creations!


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