Is a sewing subscription service for you?

Subscription services – They used to be book of the month club, fruit baskets, etc.  Then came the beauty product clubs, and the popular clothing club, stitch fix.

There have been crafting clubs, quilting and embroidery clubs, knitting clubs, well now there is a new subscription sewing club.



Needle Sharp is the brain child of Mary Grabenstatter.  A creative young women I met recently at Pattern Review weekend in Canada.

She has a very flexible subscription program, with no long term commitment.   The subscriptions are categorized in light weight, medium and heavy.  The different boxes have different patterns at different sewing levels and fabric types.  Prior to the monthly shipment you can choose a box type, or not receive a box at all.  A discount is provided if you pre pay your subscription.

The value of this service is that Mary researches social media, and other outlets for current trends and indie patterns.  She personally selects great fabrics from New York and beyond to come up with everything you need to create the perfect garment.  The pattern and fabric are chosen for the current season and style.

I think this would make an amazing gift for a new sewer (the lightweight box).  Or for your self if you find your self needing inspiration or a boost to your sewing mojo!

When she was explaining the service to me, I was impressed with her attention to detail.  As well as the no obligation of the service.  While I love to pick out my fabric, I think I am going to subscribe to get a box once  a quarter.  Check out the site and the current offerings here:  Needle Sharp

Needle Sharp also sells fabric by the yard, indie pattern.  You can read more about Mary and her business on the about page.

Check it out for a new way to shop for your sewing projects!



Neither Plano ASG, nor myself (Markita) are associated or receive compensation for this review.


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