Great Times at our first Plano ASG Shop Hop!

shophopftOn Saturday, September 21, eight sewing buddies forged a trail through Golden D’Or Fabrics, Benno’s Buttons and White Rock Weaving Center.

It was a great time of shopping together, finding new retailers, seeing new fabrics, trims and skills.  We conspired to spend each other’s money while dreaming of just how this fabric would work with that trim on who knows what project!  The discounts we received in each location stretched our dollars, the tours and background talks we heard opened our eyes to new things and we even got a fun little gift bag from one of the retailers!

On top of that, we had some of the best fellowship with sewing buddies we have had in a while.  Ending the day with a late lunch at El Fenix was the perfect chance for us to talk about all we had seen, bought and learned during the day.

Here are a few pictures to help you join in the fun even if you were not able to go.


Nienke’s proud purchase at Golden D’Or


Sheila making hard decisions at Benno’s



Phyllis and Pam inspecting all the options at Benno’s


Mary enjoying all the trim at Benno’s


Anna from White Rock Weaving Center showing us the wool from this cute sheep. Before and after pictures!

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