Ginny and the Vintage Sewing Center

Don’t you just love unexpected surprises?! Well, GOOD surprises, that is. Plano ASG member, Ginny Stein, shared a very pleasant, unexpected surprise from her trip to Tulsa earlier this year. We think you will enjoy it!

On a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma the last weekend of February, I enjoyed an unexpected surprise. I lived in Tulsa for 18 years prior to moving to the Dallas area.   Howard (hubby) and I had been trying to go back for a visit since late last year.  We have been missing several good friends and finally managed to schedule a 3-day weekend trip.

While searching the internet for things to do as we were driving to Tulsa, I came across the Vintage Sewing Center and Museum and knew I had to go check it out.  Fortunately, I was able to convince my husband and our friends to go with me. 

What a treat!

The Vintage Sewing Center and Museum is a ranch house with a basement turned into an amazing museum. They have over 700 machines, many Singer Featherweights. They have a Bernina room, a Necchi room, and a Kenmore room.  I didn’t even know that Kenmore made sewing machines!  There was a room of leather and wood cases.  A room that has children’s sewing machines, all in working condition!  The basement had several large industrial machines, including one that sews on leather. And there are several other rooms that show all the different accessories and feet for all these machines.

It was such a fascinating visit that we spent about 2 hours enjoying the museum and visiting with its owner, W.K. Binger.

Mr. Binger does repairs on all brands of machines, offers free classes to young children and restores old, well-loved machines. The map in the photo below shows just how much support he has garnered from all around the US.

In addition to the sewing machine exhibit, you will see examples of his welding of sewing machines. Plus he is an arborist and skilled in creating wood and leather pieces. For example, the store counter top tells the story of the museum – all carved into leather!

Tulsa is a wonderful city and the 4-hour ride is very pleasant. If you ever want a close weekend getaway, drive north to Tulsa and be sure and stop by the museum.

Thank you Ginny for sharing your visit with us. It has been great fun to visit to the Vintage Sewing Center vicariously through your story.

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3 thoughts on “Ginny and the Vintage Sewing Center”

  1. Thanks, Ginny, for introducing us to this amazing museum. Definitely on my list of place to visit one day.

  2. Thanks Ginny, will try to visit the next time I’m in Tulsa….
    Looks like a fun place…
    Shirley Jean

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