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Now available on the Members Only section of the ASG Website; the free Fabulous Fit eBook.

This is an offer for ASG members only, visit the Special Offers page on the ASG Website, log in with your member ID, look for the Free Fabulous Fit eBook offer, click that link and follow the directions. After registering you’ll get an email (this may take up to a day and arrive in your spam box) with the link to download the book.

fabfitFit Made Easy¬©, (“Catch 22” Dress Forms & Fitting Secrets Revealed¬©) is filled with fitting guidelines, gathered from our 20 years experience in fashion design, wardrobe for television, pattern making, and tailoring. By following the simple principles contained in this book, you will learn the secrets and tricks that the experts know, and your creativity will soar to new heights as you carefully follow and consciously break the rules.

Not only will you understand the cut, look, and feel of beautifully made clothes, but by comparing your new pattern to the initial commercial pattern, you will see what a “three-dimensional fit” looks like on paper, and you will be able to easily make the alterations to fit your needs at your own pace.

Some of the most celebrated universities in the United States and worldwide use the knowledge acquired from this workbook in their advanced classrooms, yet the steps are simple and easily understood even by the most novice designer. In today’s fast-paced environment, technical departments often focus their efforts on patternmaking sometimes avoiding the most essential and basic part of fashion, “fitting”.

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