Every fabric has a home

Every fabric has its day…or use.  At our recent farmers Market fabric sales I watched as our shoppers looked through our selection, delighting when they found a treasure.  One roll of fabric was always set to the side, its pattern was not obvious and the colors had no charm.  Toward the end of the sale I opened the roll and discovered four yards of cornstalk camouflage fabric.  Who could possibly use THIS I thought to myself.  My next thought was a conversation I had had with my military daughter about our upcoming visit to see her in Hawaii where she is stationed.  The time of our visit would include the Trunk or Treat event planned for her unit.  As she and I discussed possible decorations we bemoaned the fact that there were no corn stalks or bales of hay available on O’ahu.   You guessed it.  The corn camo went in my suitcase and made the perfect backdrop for her Halloween ghosts and goblins.  ASG fabric went all the way to Schofield Barracks HI.  You just never know what you will find at the ASG fabric sale!

Guest blogger – Marcia Moore (Miss Marcia)


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2 thoughts on “Every fabric has a home”

  1. I was there! brought home a bunch of fabric. Meant to go back and get white for the Soldiers Angels Stocking project but I was so distracted with all my finds that I forgot.

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