Embellished Needle Felting Stiletto

Finished embellished needle felting stiletto

Hi Needle Nuts!

Monday, January 21st, we will be making an Embellished Needle Felting Stiletto that you can use as an
aid in needle felting and machine sewing. This tool will help keep your fingers away from sharp needles.

You will need to bring your scissors and E6000 if you have it in your stash, otherwise we will share mine.
Please RSVP that you are attending and give me your color choice so I may have your kit reserved for you.

I will have color-coordinated kits ready for you for $4.00 each. Your kit will include:

  • Wooden skewer
  • 2 – Jesse James ‘Dress it up’ bracelet glass beads
  • 1 – Silver tone top bead
  • 1 – Coin, button or rhinestone finishing embellishment (your choice)
  • 18 inches of rat tail cord for wrapping
  • 1 – earring back to protect the skewer point

Color Kits will be as follows:
Black/White with Reds
Black/White with Pinks

Please let me know if you plan to attend and what color preference you have, I will make kits accordingly.

Next on the agenda is the planning part. We have had some excellent projects and learning techniques in the past, and I would, with your help, like to make 2013 a year of Needle Felting Arts. We all have skills, designs and ideas and need to develop projects to use these skills to produce a finished quality needled felted ‘art’ piece when complete, something wearable, decorative or giftable. Put your thinking caps on, bring previous project ideas we didn’t get to last year and new ideas, books, photos or items that you may have.

See you Monday January 21st at 10am, Plano Sewing Center.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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