Dollmaking in the time of COVID

By Jami Roux

The Covid lockdown gave me an opportunity to practice my doll making skills. When the lockdown began my first thought was to make a doll as I didn’t need to sew more clothes for myself. I also knew everything to make a doll was in my stash.

With all the time to sew, I have made fourteen dolls for gifts, group challenges, tested new patterns, and just because I wanted to try something different. In a “normal” year I would only make two or three dolls.

With all my free time, one doll lead to another and another. I discovered online doll classes with some of my favorite artists. The expense of traveling to classes was unnecessary, a dream come true. I could take classes that were only a thought before the lockdown.

My favorite online classes are from A for Artistic. Their classes take place over several weeks with new lessons posted once a week. This gave me something to look forward to each week and gave me plenty of time to keep up with the lessons. There were also Zoom and Facebook meetings that were almost like going to an ASG Neighborhood group, or at least the next best thing.

So many dolls, so many new techniques learned. The best part of the lockdown was using the stash of treasures that I have been collecting over the years waiting for the perfect project. There were many perfect projects in the past year!

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14 thoughts on “Dollmaking in the time of COVID”

  1. Jami, you have done an amazing job! These dolls are fantastic! The attention to detail is beautiful. My favorites are the sunflower and surprisingly the Covid-19 doll! Keep up the good work. Thank you for inspiring us.

  2. Jami, Those are fantastic. I absolutely adore the little panda bear on his little box. The eggs sitting on the wall pretty cute too. Are they Tweedledum and Tweedledee or or Humpty Dumpty times two? Every one of the dolls is quite wonderful. If we meet in person you should bring them all to the tea so we can all see them.

    1. Thank you Mary Jo, I took an online class making animals from felt and of course I had to make a panda. The eggs are Humpty Dumpty and his wife. Let’s hope for in person meetings happen soon I miss everyone.

  3. You have out done yourself. I love the Humpty Dumpty, Man & Wife…they are all so cute, & Different…what a great artist you are. I know Sewing has been a life savor for so many of us. I can’t wait for our next meeting to get to see everyone, & have some fellowship. Please bring some of the Dolls for us to see. Stay Safe.

  4. My dear Jami,
    They are all so beautiful and each character shines with the love and care you took in creating them. You have really been blessed with this special skill. Each one of them is a favorite for me.
    Thank you so much for sharing your “lockdown” time with us.
    Take care and stay safe

    1. Thank you Annette, I appreciate your kind words. The process of making a doll is very relaxing. I hope you are staying safe.

  5. It looks like you have used your time wisely, and had a lot of fun in the process! Congratulations on some lovely creations!

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