Continuous Thread Needle Case

by Jami Roux

Plano ASG neighborhood group meetings are full of inspiration and Wednesday’s Zoom meeting was no exception.  Lu Peters presented a wonderful program on “Things You Wish You Knew Years Ago”.  She gave hints on how to make your sewing projects easier and more efficient.

One of her hints inspired me to put it in practice right away.  The hint was about continuous threaded needles.  I had seen the idea of threading several needles onto a spool of thread, but that idea seemed unwieldy as how do you keep the needles from falling off the thread?  Lu’s hint was for a needle case that would hold the thread and threaded needles.

The pattern for the case came from the website caro-rose-creations where there are complete instructions with pictures and a downloadable pattern.  This idea made perfect sense to me so I quickly made a case and put it to use as I sewed binding around some placemats.

To use the needle case, thread all the needles for the project.  Place the spool of thread in the pocket and the threaded needles in the felt pad.  As you need more thread take a threaded needle and pull as much thread as needed through all the needles and cut the thread leaving all the remaining needles threaded and ready for use.

by Jami Roux

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3 thoughts on “Continuous Thread Needle Case”

  1. Thank you Jami,
    I think it is a brilliant idea. I’m always looking for a needle or the right size needle. And if I’m in a hurry I can’t get the thread in the eye of the needle quick enough.
    Annette Berlyn

  2. This little invention is the greatest gadget for hand sewers. Keeps thread and needles in their place yet handy at the same time. Just gotta love these gadgets!

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